Walnut Bushes

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Total time: 45 min


For the sauce:


bread with the ground walnuts. Brown the meat briefly in the frying pan and then place in the oven. Make the cauliflower into a puree and mix it with a finely chopped onion and sage. Add a whole egg to it.

Mix everything and brown in a frying pan as hash browns. To prepare the sauce, rinse the chanterelles and cut them in half. Then brown them in olive oil with a finely chopped onion, add whipped cream and reduce everything together.

Offer the coated rabbit filet on the plate next to the cauliflower rösti. Pour the sauce over the rösti and sprinkle with fresh chives.

with fresh chives. Finally, simmer blueberries and offer next to the rösti.

‘dry’ from the Palatinate.

Our tip: Always use fresh chives if possible!

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