Scallops with Vanilla Sauce

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Total time: 5 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)




Prepare: If necessary, separate corail from white muscle meat, set aside. Place the muscle meat in the iced water for 1 minute (the meat remains firm), remove, rub dry with kitchen roll, cut in half diagonally.

Sauce: boil fish stock, vanilla stalks and lemongrass or lemon peel together, simmer with closed lid on the turned off stove top for 15 min. Strain, remove lemongrass or lemon peel, set vanilla stems aside. Pour liquid back into cleaned frying pan, boil to 2 dl. Add carrots and leeks, continue to simmer uncovered for 5 min. Scrape out vanilla seeds, add with the heavy cream, simmer sauce slightly, season. If desired, heat corail in sauce just before serving.

Finish cooking: Roast mussels in the hot clarified butter for 1/2-1 min. on each side, season.

Serve: Sauce perhaps with corail on plates or in clam shells form, arrange clams on top.

Goes well with: Wild rice.

Tip: Instead of scallops, use peeled shrimp or king prawns, roast on both sides for 11/2-2 min each.

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