Quargel – Harzer, Handkäs, Korbkäse, Spitzkäse

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 1.0 (servings)



Fill the curd in a cotton cloth (diaper), hang up for 3 days and let it drain. Mix the drained curd intensively with a hand mixer with salt, caraway seeds and baking soda. Arrange into small flat cheeses (by hand) or press tightly into small molds. If molds are used, knock the cheese out of the mold again on the spot. Leave to ripen on a clean, dry and airy surface (e.g. narrow wooden grating or wooden frame covered with gauze) at 15 -18 degrees Celsius for 7 to 10 days. Turn the cheese regularly to the other side and replace the damp base with a dry one.

Note: If the cheese is running apart during the ripening process, this is due to the fact that the curd still contains too much whey. Because of this, arrange the curd a little drier to cheese, press tightly together, no air pockets.

Quargel can sweat a little bit during the ripening process, but it dries by itself after a few days. The cheese gets an extraordinarily excellent aroma if it is first brushed with the smear layer of e.g. Romadur or Limburger during the ripening process. To do this, remove the smear from a purchased cheese with a kitchen knife, melt it in a little warm tap water and apply it over the cheese with a brush. Quargel can be kept for several weeks.

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